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Simple time tracking
  • Our simple and clean interface provides only essential elements and reduces the effort of time tracking. With short codes you can directly assign projects and services while typing the task description.
  • A minimalistic and intuitive UI. Assign projects, tags and services quickly via shortcodes. Set start & end datetime, mark billable or modify duration of any timer with a few clicks.
Simple time tracking - MelonTimer
Detailed Reports
  • Reports display all relevant information about projects, clients or tags. Select from predefined time presets or define a custom datetime range and filter only the entries you are interested in. You can also export your data directly as Microsoft Excel for further editing.
Simple time tracking - MelonTimer
Easy Setup
  • Add projects and colleagues and you are ready to start time tracking as a team. Customers and services allow clustering your time entries even further.
  • Feature-rich, yet still simple and intuitive UI. Manage your projects, services, tags, users and customers via the admin UI. You are missing a tag or project? Create them directly when starting a new timer.
Simple time tracking - MelonTimer
Organize it YOUR way!Why choose our time tracking solution? It's all about simplicity and effectiveness. We understand that your time is valuable, so we've developed a user-friendly platform that requires no extensive training. With just a few clicks, you'll be up and running, effortlessly tracking your time and boosting your productivity.
ClientsManage client information, track time dedicated to specific customers, and streamline your billing process.
ProjectsEasily create and manage projects to organize your tasks and track time spent on specific initiatives.
ServicesAssign tasks to different services to track time accurately and analyze profitability. You can also set individual rates for each service within a specific project.
TagsLabel your tasks with tags to categorize and organize them effectively. Use tags to group related tasks across projects and gain quick insights into your work patterns.

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Common questions
  • How exactly do I track my time?You can either create entries directly by starting and stopping the timer or create an entry in past or future.
  • How can I track time for different customers or projects?Projects and tags allow you to segment you entries, e.g. by specific customer projects or your teams. This is especially critical for agencies or freelancers working on multiple projects in parallel.
  • Will there be more features in the future?Yes, definitely. We value a feedback loop with our customers and will prioritize feature developement depending on actual needs.
  • Can I export my time sheets?Currently, there is only a Microsoft Excel export but we will also add a CSV and JSON exports shortly.
  • Data hosting and infrastructureWe use a modern and highly scalable tech stack with state-of-the-art backup and recovery strategies. All data is encrypted at REST using modern security mechanisms. You data is stored secured and is GDPR compliant. Our infrastructure is fully managed and located in Germany.