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From compliance to productivity, our time tracking software simplifies it all with an intuitive interface and powerful features.

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For a simple EuGH compliant Time Tracking

Employee time tracking became mandatory for most companies. Meet the EU timekeeping requirements with minimal effort.

For Agencies, Teams and Companies

Spanning small to large and every department in between, MelonTimer offers a variety of features meeting the needs of all company sizes.

For Freelancer &
Personal Time Tracking

Ideal for freelancers and individuals who require precise time tracking, be that for projects, customers, or personal tasks.

Effortless time tracking

The intuitive design and feature-rich capabilities make time tracking simple yet comprehensive.

Track in realtime or log hours directly

Choose between real-time tracking by starting and stopping the timer or manually entering the duration for flexible time management.

Assign projects, services and tags

Easily organize time entries by linking them to customer projects, distinct services, and customized tags, ensuring accurate and detailed tracking.

Round time entries

Standardise your time entries to your needs with rounded values, e.g. to the nearest quarter hour or hour.

Gain insights with reports

Explore in-depth analysis with robust reports on tracked times and over time growth.

Customise reports with advanced filters

Drill down on your data with advanced filters for precise report insights.

Track billable hours

Filter your reports by total billable hours, by projects, services, and other criteria.

Export your time entries

Easily export reports via REST-API, Excel or CSV formats for convenient external use.

Additional features

Tracking reminder

Users receive reminder emails if they forgot to log their times

Service rates

Set custom service rates per project and client

SSO Login

Login with external identity provider e.g. Google, Microsoft

Calendar integration

Connect your Microsoft or Google calendar to automatically create time entires for appointments

Organize by Client

Assign projects to a client to group everything neatly together

Tag time entries

Use tags to categorize time entries and filter by them in reports

Archive unused items

Archive entries for regulatory purposes and retain only active elements

User roles

Manage access control with fine granular user permissions

Our Vision

“With MelonTimer we want to create the most simple to use but powerful time tracking solution.”

  • If you do not need a feature or organizational item, just turn it off
  • Employee onboarding times will not be affected
  • No hidden fees

Saves you money. Costs less than a coffee.

2.99$ per month per user

Surely there are coffee offers out there for even less than 2.99$, but for the sake of some marketing argument – 2.99$/month is still a very fair price.

Paying customers also receive priority and email support.

Free 30-day trial

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